Amy couldn't have been nicer, more accommodating and understanding of how important it is for a potential adopter to know that it's "right". She allows a "trial" period, something many other places do not/ What's sop great is that if it's not the right match, you know that the dog is going back to a wonderful place and WILL find a great home. And that just takes a lot of stress off. Amy's patience and caring allowed me the few days I needed to work through a rough start with my little guy who was scared and just needed time to become himself again. I am now blissfully happy with my new friend and companion. I am very grateful to her and to LBDR, and wish her many years of successful adoptions.

 Laura Skutch

"The process does not finish with you taking the dog home. Amy gives back up too!"

Claire Mann

Rescuing was the best decision I have made and I am so thankful to LBDR for providing me with my best friend. He is still as sweet as can be but no longer apprehensive in new situations. He is one happy puppy and I am one happy owner!

All the best,


Little Black Dog Rescue was the perfect organization to help me find my new pup. Amy took me through the process easily and with deep compassion. When I had any questions, she was eager to offer helpful advice and vital resources. The work she does is truly life-saving, both for the dogs and for their human companions. Amy is deeply committed to helping rescue and foster dogs and she is a true gem in our community and beyond. Rescue a little black pup! They match every outfit!

Anya Liftig

Mom of Sugihara "Archer" originally of Jasper County, GA, now of Brooklyn, Ny and Westport, CT

​Amy knew Hudson was "our" dog before we even knew it. Hudson came to us for socialization visits. We loved him, he's a sweet and affectionate pup, but we felt our family wasn't ready for a second dog. Amy never pushed us, but after Hudson was returned by another adopter, we knew we had to take him. Once Hudson was living with us, Amy was continually there, checking in on the dog's progress, and always available if we had questions. She even came over for a training session to nip some behavioral stuff in the bud...with success! Of course now we know Hudson was meant for us. He fits into our family perfectly.

Melissa Roberts

Dear Amy:

Thank you so much for rescuing Fred. He is exactly what I wanted for a dog. I take good care of Fred I wash him I feed him I brush him and I play with him all the time. I love the way he plays with me he does not bite. 

He is  a great friend and gets along pretty well with my cat Ella.

I've been training him to shake and jump after a toy I reward him when he does it right.

I love Fred very much he is my best pet thank you for saving him.

Daniel Pepin

(age 11) written all by himself

​Words can't express how thankful I am to have happened upon our Harry the day that he arrived in CT and was getting a bath at Greenfield Hill Groomers at the same time as our lab, Kensie. He was the happiest guy ever and we had been going back and forth about getting another dog, but once I met him, I knew he was meant to be a part of our family. I explained to Amy that we have 4, 3 and 2 year old children and Harry would have to be comfortable with them. She gave me updates all weekend after introducing him to little children and other dogs and brought him to our home on several visits to make sure that he would be comfortable with them. Harry came to our home trained, crate-trained and knowing several commands and we call him the circus dog since he loves to jump and our four year old has taught him to jump through four hula hoops, one after the other. I can't imagine our house without him..he is such a loving, funny guy and I can't thank Amy enough for saving him!

Briana Fin and Family

 A few months ago, we started looking for a dog to be a part of our family. We were first time dog owners and lived in an apartment so we had our concerns about being able to have a pet dog. However, since we both love animals, we decided to explore and give it a try. We searched many shelters online and in person but either could not get matched with a dog or received poor response. Then we saw a flyer and found LBD Rescue. We visited the adoption event not expecting any success but Amy was very welcoming. After reviewing a couple of options, Amy suggested Zoe,  a two year old terrier mix, for us. Zoe came to us as a blessing. She cuddles up with us on the couch just like we wanted, is very obedient and is full of unconditional love. She is an energetic and playful runner at the dog park but gentle in the house. She is her "own woman" as Amy described and is calm, loving and housebroken (that helped a lot!). She takes us for walks now and has made our life exciting and colorful. Thanks to Amy, we found Zoe, our perfect dog (I can't believe someone let her go). What more could we have asked for!


Rosh and Vinod D'Costa

To anyone looking to add a new member to the family...I can honestly say LBDR was a blessing!!! After many months of visiting shelters and looking online and not finding the right fit..and tears from my eight year old daughter, I was given Amy's website. I know it may sound odd but is was like my best friend found the perfect dog for our family and it was like dealing with a friend. Tucker is the sweetest dog ever!!! We are all so happy!!! Amy is a wonderful person and you should be so lucky to adopt one of her dogs!!!

The Kronick Family

We worked with LBD Rescue for the adoption of our second dog. Amy was instrumental in the process, allowing us the time to really get to know Skylar (formerly Valerie) and make sure she was a good fit for our family. We have two small children and I wanted to make sure we could trust a new animal and that she would get along with our other furry baby, Bella! She kept the line of communication open and we even had a trial period. It was clear she cared about us getting the right dog for our family and we still keep in touch!

The Grutkowski Family

Thank you "LBD Rescue" for finding the newest member of our family for us. We had recently lost our 14 year old dog and were not sure if we were really ready to adopt yet. Then we met Murphy (formerly Fisher) and it was love at first sight. You were a pleasure to work with and Murphy is the most wonderful dog. He was so sweet and already housebroken when we adopted him. When we brought him home he jumped right into our bed and made himself at home. Whenever we had any questions you were always so helpful and knowledegable.

Thank you for all that you do to rescue these wonderful, loving animals.

Margie and Mike Hesney