Sweet Rooster (FKA Cooper) found an amazing family to call his own!


Who knew Caleb would have predicted the winning Super Bowl team?

Sammy is a farm dog!!!

Asher has taken over his two year old human sister's Frozen chair! Perfect fit.

Peppers (FKA Ellie) joins 3 other LBD alumni in her new home!

Emma with her new brother and sister! She even has an LBDR alumni as her cousin!

Tessa loves her new sister, Bella!

Charlie found his forever dad!

April and her new brother,


Betty enjoys lounging on the patio at her forever home. 

Casco (FKA Bailey) is exactly where he was meant to be.

Dodger enjoys lounging with

his new sister!

Lilly (FKA Eloise) lucked out with two brothers!

Finn (FKA Hunter) has settled into life on the Cape and enjoys daily swims and endless throws of the tennis ball.

Sweet Pea finally found her forever home and a brother to sleep next to!

Amy enjoys hanging out with her extended family at the beach!

Murphy scored with his new brother!

Lilly and her new dad!!!!

Tucker (FKA Max) couldn't be happier with his forever dad!

Mia (FKA Raven) is the queen of the castle!

Bart found his place as co-pilot with his forever dad!

James found the home and the family he deserves!!!!

Bean (FKA Ava) has Toby to show her the ropes!

Jonny and his forever sisters.

Kodiack couldn't have found more love!

Even a black pig needs a little help finding a forever home! Wilbur found his.

Willow (Willy) has fallen into the laps of grandchildren and he loves every minute of it!

Wiley found his forever home for Christmas!

Leah finally learned what Christmas is all about. 

Olive (FKA Susie) enjoys a warm sweater for the holiday!

Hallie is the apple of her dad Russell's eye!

Cleo surprised her three new brothers for Christmas!

Jeffrey found a home with 3 sisters!!!


Duke (FKA Gunnar) finds that sleeping on top of his brother is incredibly comfortable.

Cleo (FKA Emily) with her forever sister!

Aila is just one of the girls!

Annabelle (FKA Noelle) found the best pillow in town!

Pepper (FKA Loretta) loves relaxing in her forever home with her mom.

Rey (FKA Carter has found her calling as a mouse with her new sister...