Tilly is learning the ways of the city streets in her new home in Providence!

Ellie (now Belle) completes the pack!

There is no doubt that Winston sent Daisy (FKA Susanne) to her new family. 

Isabelle found her partner in crime!

Penny and her new brother.

Milosz (FKA Milo) is the apple of his parent's eye!

Mina has become a fantastic babysitter!

Sweet Sally knows what it's like to live a life of luxury.

Pretty good match here!

Beau (FKA Buddy) has landed in the lap of luxury!


Max couldn't be happier playing "second fiddle" to his sibling!

Jamie caused a "foster failure" and who can blame her mom?

After nearly one year with us, Jester finally found the perfect forever home for him. 

Hazel (FKA Minnie) with her new sisters!

Caroline found her sister from another mister!

Bohdi (FKA Ember) and her brother Aidan.

Clover fits right in with her new brothers!

Jack Black is already in sync with his new brother, Gunner. 

Tucker found the best brother a dog

could ask for.

Harry has settled in...

Olivia (FKA Lauren) has found a place to lay her head.

Chauncey and his new brother!


Dutch has the cutest sister around!

Shelby (FKA Dolly) enjoys autumn in her forever home!

Kara found a brother in her forever home.

Smokey joins LBDR alum, Mabel in his forever home!

Life worked out well for Celia, the sweetest dog around.

Gunner found his happy place.

Taylor (now Joey) and his sister Chelsea are quite the pair.

Handsome Zeus couldn't be happier in his new home!

Allie found a home for Christmas!

Fozzy ended up with the foster who loved him from the start!

Natasha (now Polly) lucked out with two handsome brothers!

Brandon finally found his forever bed and home!

Perrie has found her place in life.

Bruno couldn't ask for more.

Harley Clause.

Molly (FKA Madeline) is a foster failure!

Dougie joins LBDR alum, Casey in his forever home!

Oliver found an amazing family who will NEVER dump him! He got the happy ending every dog deserves.

Lovey makes a great "foster failure"!

Charles (FKA Jazz) joins two other

LBD's and his new best friend!

Jack touched many lives during his short time here after he was rescued. Cancer cut his amazing life short but he experienced the love of a forever home, a huge yard to run around in and 2 brothers who adored him. 

Sammie has found an amazing home for Christmas!

Kayla (FKA Rebecca) has found her brother from another mother!

Nemo lucked out with an older sister who will share the couch with him!

Sugar waited for the perfect family to come along...and they did!

George found the perfect place to lay his head.

Pretzel lucked out with lots of love!

Brie (FKA Hollie) did pretty well for herself!

Gunnar landed in the right hands. 

Everyone got lucky with Lucky.

Win Win for Sophie and her new dad.