Lilly (now Lexi) with her new brother and sister!

​I'm pretty sure Aspen is comfortable in her new home...

​Kismet brought Connor (now Isaac) to his amazing parents who love him like no other.

Cayden (now River) enjoying a cuddle session with her new brothers!

"A dog only wants to be judged based on the content of its character, not the color of its fur." TIME Magazine


​Pepper (now Lucy) has found two amazing parents who spoil her rotten. Exactly what she deserves!

​Charlie (now Shadow) finally has a soft place to rest his head!

​Archer with his new mommy!

Bosco with his new big sisters!

Tulip (now Cally) is loving her new sister!

​Little Cole with one of his new brothers!

Sweet Daisy has found a great home with her brother, Markus!

Sweet Joy (now Lola) relaxing with her new brother, Dexter, like they have known each other all their lives.