"A dog only wants to be judged based on the content of its character, not the color of its fur." TIME Magazine

Sweet Joy (now Lola) relaxing with her new brother, Dexter, like they have known each other all their lives. 

​Pepper (now Lucy) has found two amazing parents who spoil her rotten. Exactly what she deserves!

Tulip (now Cally) is loving her new sister!

​Little Cole with one of his new brothers!

Cayden (now River) enjoying a cuddle session with her new brothers!

Sweet Daisy has found a great home with her brother, Markus!


​I'm pretty sure Aspen is comfortable in her new home...

​Kismet brought Connor (now Isaac) to his amazing parents who love him like no other.

​Charlie (now Shadow) finally has a soft place to rest his head!

Bosco with his new big sisters!

​Archer with his new mommy!

Lilly (now Lexi) with her new brother and sister!