Dogs who come up from the South, are typically dumped by their owners or hunters who are finished with them and have often lived outdoors. Local dogs are usually surrendered and have basic skills.  When an LBD dog arrives at my home or a foster home, the learning begins right away.  Living with other dogs allows the new member to learn quickly how to "wait", "sit", be off-leash, and begin housebreaking through crate-training.  LBDR also utilizes a wonderful local trainer who can assist in the transition of adoption. Puppy Kindergarten, no matter the age of the pup, is as a great way to bond with your new pet and learn to lead. Remember; there are no perfect people out there so you can't expect a perfect pet! The goal is to find the perfect fit for your family and the training continues.

Medical care is provided by a reputable vet in the state where the animal originates. The dog will be spayed/neutered and receive all vaccinations as well as a health certificate which allows them to travel over state lines. All dogs must stay in that state for a minimum of 10 days before traveling on trusted (strict health requirements) transport. 

We work with multiple shelters in Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina or wherever a last chance dog may need to saved. We have relationships with the staff and volunteers who run the Southern shelters and the ability to speak to the rescue, foster or volunteer who pull dogs from said shelters to find out as much information as possible on each dog's disposition. Most do cat, child and dog testing as well.

Medical Care

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