​Maizey and her new brother!

​After being returned to LBDR and waiting patiently for a long time, Hudson has finally found his awesome forever family, as well as a sister named Roxie.

Hunter and his mom, Jan.

George and his new dad!

​Fisher (now Murphy) with his mom and dad.

Fred waited a long time to find his forever family; and it was well worth the wait! I couldn't have asked for a better match!

​Chloe and her

new dad enjoying some floor time.

​Cotton with his new sister and neighbor!

​Mumford and his sister Grace!

Harry and his big sister Mia!

Fritz and his sister, Thea!

Brandon is a working dog now! You may see him riding around in Westport with his new dad!

​Tucker couldn't have found a better sister!

 Dylan LOVES his new brother!

Kelly (now Emmy) with her forever family!

Valerie (now Skylar)

and her new sisters!


Fred was scheduled to be put down because he was an adult dog (around 6 years old) and BLACK. Instead; Fred resides locally with his new forever dad and enjoys riding in the truck with his head out the window and freedom on his face !

​ "Miss Lucy" also arrived from a GA shelter and was immediatley the "sweetest girl" known to man.  She was missing some fur and was underwieght but she thrived here with her new friends and a warm bed (with her head on the pillow). It was a chance meeting with a friend who walks my dogs when I am out of town that sealed Lucy's fate. Ana texted me that she was "in love with Lucy" and wanted to keep her as her own. Lucy lives a great life with her new mom and spends her mornings at the park playing with her friends. Life is good!

Hunter and Fisher were abandoned on the side of the road in Georgia when a kind lady picked them up and saved their lives. The brothers arrived in CT with more than 150 (recorded) bites and scabs and patches of missing fur. In only a few weeks, with medial care, quality food and lots of love, the boys were as good as new and even learned manners! Hunter lives here in town with Jan, a wonderful woman and cancer survivor who lost both of her dogs just 3 weeks apart. Hunter is helping to fill the hole in her heart. Fisher is living with his new family in Pennsylvania with a friend's cousin and couldn't be more loved. Margie, his new mom, says he is "the calmest dog" she has ever had. 

Jesse was dumped in a GA shelter and spent more months than he cares to remember, just waiting for his forever family to find him. Rachel, an amazing young lady from upstate NY, and her parents opened their hearts and took a chance on Jesse. We couldn't have asked for more for this deserving dog. He was the perfect match for their family and has acres to run on and a pond to swim in!