Little Black Dog Rescue – Adoption Application Process

-Please note: Little Black Dog Rescue is a FOSTER BASED rescue in Fairfield County, Connecticut and Charleston, SC. We do NOT have a facility where you can come meet the dogs. We do adoption events every few months but primarily work one-on-one with each applicant to match the right dog to the right family. Once your application is received, all questions can be answered. We do NOT adopt to homes more than 100 miles from Fairfield CT or Mount Pleasant SC unless special arrangements are made. We do not have the resources to complete home checks and meet and greets for families this far away. 

​ -The adoption process with LBDR begins with the completion of the online application.  No inquiries regarding any specific dog will be answered until the application is submitted.

Application Fee and Application Form:

  1. A $20.00 non refundable application fee is required to be considered. Please pay with Paypal using this link: https://goo.gl/VT1cdP. After the transaction is complete, the "Return to Merchant" button goes directly to the Application. The link to pay the application fee is also available within the Application Form.
  2.  Please paste or type your Paypal receipt/ transaction ID in the first entry field of the Application when prompted.  

-Renters please note- LBDR will require a letter from your landlord or a copy of your lease showing permission to have a dog before your application will be considered further.

-Available dogs are listed on the website www.littleblackdogrescue.org and www.petfinder.com.

-The application is reviewed by LBDR as soon as possible after submission.  Please keep in mind the rescue is run and assisted by volunteers so time-frames can vary.

-If you are applying for a specific dog, someone will get back to you within the week IF YOU ARE THE BEST MATCH FOR THIS DOG.

-Reference checks will be conducted using the information provided on your application. If you are a current or previous dog owner your vet will be contacted, as well as personal references.

-A home visit will be conductedby the director of LBDR or a volunteer to review your home and outside property.

-Once you are approved, and if there is a dog looking for adoption you are interested in, a "meet and greet" will be arranged. This is typically a short meeting to see how the dog interacts with you and your family and very importantly, with any of your other pets.

- If LBDR is happy with the results of the meet and greetand the applicant is also interested in proceeding, a longer visit where the dog stays at your home for an overnight can be arranged. The dog will come with a crate, collar with ID tag,  leash and food. Hosting a dog for an overnight means that you are serious about adopting that dog. It is NOT a chance to "try out" multiple dogs. If the overnight is successful and the family is committed, then the adoption will proceed and the dog will stay. If there are questions or concerns, LBDR will work with you over a two day period (no visit will exceed 3 nights) to address and offer guidance on the issues. 

-Adoption finalization requires the completion of additional paperwork and payment of the adoption fee.
 The adoption fee differs in CT and SC as well as the dog's age. Fees are posted in the "Thank You" email you will receive after your application is submitted. This fee includes all age-appropriate basic vaccinations and spay/neuter.
LBDR is a registered 501c3 and adoption fees go toward running the rescue, vetting the dogs and providing one-on-one matching services. The adoption fee is tax-deductible.

 Additional Points:
-LBDR is always in the process of rescuing and vetting dogs.  If there are not currently any dogs that you are interested in you can still apply and go through the approval process.

-LBDR works to place each dog in a situation and environment that is determined to be best for that dog. While you may feel an affinity for a specific dog- he or she may not be the best fit for your lifestyle.  

- If issues were to arise after the adoption is completed, LBDR will work with you to provide suggestions and resources to ease the transition of your new pet into your home.

-As part of the adoption finalization contract, you agree to return the dog to LBDR if for any reason you cannot fulfill the commitment which you have agreed to. As stated in the adoption contract,

TRAINING IS NOT AN OPTION, BUT MANDATORY. LBDR requires you to meet with a trainer at your cost,  should you have cause to return a dog. 

The foster/potential adopter understands that though the animal is in their care on a temporary or open-ended time frame, that the animal will not be considered as property of any persons within the foster residence, or any other third party. The animal is the sole property of LBDR Rescue. No medication or medical procedures shall take place without the approval of LBDR and items purchased for the dog will not be reimbursed unless discussed prior to purchase. 

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