Dez (FKA Sadie) with one of her new brothers! She joins LBD alum Fritz in her new home.

Belle (FKA Lulu) adoring her new dad.

Jackson has taken over the "good spot" on the couch.

Sadie joins Oz in her forever home, where they soak up the sun and wait for the next treat....

Stella (FKA Reese) found the softest seat in her new home. 

Luna (FKA Clementine) is loving life!!

Jasper lucked out with 3 sisters (one is a baby) and couldn't ask for more hugs and love!

Percy joins LBD alum, Belle in his new home!!!

Tuni (FKA Maddie) and her brother are besties.

Ike has decided to run for mayer of Fire Island and is already kissing babies!

Leyla (FKA Lady Bug) has a nap buddy.

Classic foster fail for Bear. Lucky dog!

Watson found his pack.

Pixie is so loved in her new home!!!!

Coco joins big sister Tilly an LBD alum and two other pups in her new home, and as you can see, she is quite spoiled!

Rollie with his new sister hanging on the beach.

Hunter (FKA Roux) and his sister Lola (FKA Nola) ended up together!!!

Skeeter and her sister :)

Jack found a new pack!

Justin fits right in....

Ridley found a canine brother and human sister in his forever home!

Claire is the second LBD in this home but there is plenty of love to go around!

Brandy found happiness with a twin brother!

Marley (FKA Harper) is in heaven!

Beautiful Hazel enjoys lounging on the lawn at her new home.

Type yNo caption needed for Remi and his new sister. 

Samson (FKA Butch) has won over his twin sisters' hearts but not his canine sister yet....

Rugby (FKA Cosby) couldn't be loved more by his sisters.

Type yoBridget landed in the right family and loves her sister Ember to pieces!

Nothing says "family" like a new pup! Boca (FKA Trace) lucked out with his.

Nellie and Nora both lucked out with two sisters!!!!! Nellie even got a canine sister!

Tilly has cuddled up to her new sister as well as her new canine sibling!

I couldn't have wished for a better home for Stella, the girl who was returned after 6 months to LBDR. She is now Ivy's (another LBD) best friend and sister and couldn't be in a happier family!

Sweet Kramer is loved double time!

Teddy got the lifestyle he desired.

Cassie (now Oreo) made a believer out of a little boy who feared dogs :)

Bailey lucked out with new siblings!!!!

Betty (now Besous) found a sister and best friend when she was adopted.

Zoe and her brother, Franklin. 

Wyatt with his forever family! 

Leyla (now Maggie) waited to find the perfect home where she would get the attention she deserves!

Teddy (FKA Bobo) has settled in nicely with his new siblings!

Roxy has acres to run on and two parents who adore her. What more could you ask for?

Darla found the loving home (and sister) that she deserves.

Ethel (now Eevee) couldn't be happier to be in her new home!!!

Kaleb found the best home in town! He joins LBD alum Samson and big sister Trinity in doggie heaven.

Teddy lucked out with two parents who take him to the park and everywhere they go!


Luna and her new bestie.

Lucy (now Lacey) loves playing with an endless supply of toys!