Margo is a lovely, sweet, calm and affectionate  two year old hound/pointer mix who was set to go down when the shelter was full. At only 45lbs, Margo is the perfect size and walks well on a leash. She is coming out of her shell daily and enjoying life on the couch.  She loves cats as well as being with other dogs. Margo jumps into the car and can't wait to get to the dog park to sniff every inch. Margo is an ideal companion dog who is gentle and sweet and becoming a confident girl!  She is submissive to all dogs and would love an alpha to follow around.  Margo ADORES children!  Located in SC.

Cindy is one of three sisters who was dumped at a shelter at the age of four. She is a playful, border collie/retriever mix who is a spunky girl. She  loves running around with other dogs and lounging on the couch with her human. Cindy is about 42lbs, crate-training and housebroken. She looks forward to finding a family who will take her hiking and to the beach to live her best life. Located in CT.

Shelby is as sweet as they come! She is six years old, under 20lbs and a true lap dog. Shelby wants to be with her person and follow them around. She adores kids, cuddling and doesn't care about cats. Shelby was dumped by her owner because she was "moving" and we couldn't be luckier to have her as part of the rescue. Her foster says she is the easiest pup they have ever hosted. Shelby will make an ideal family or companion dog and looks forward to finding her REAL forever home. Located in CT.

Jan and her sisters were dumped at a shelter at the age of four. All three are sweet and playful girls, around 42lbs and seem to be border collie/retriever mixes. Jan is being fostered with two dogs and two children and settling right in. She is crate-training, housebroken and would love an active family to give her the life she deserves! Located in CT.

Sheba is a gorgeous six year year old lab mix who just wants a companion. She was dumped in a scary shelter and set to go down because of her heart worm status but we were able to save her. Sheba was likely an outdoor dog and enjoys lying in the sunshine and will approach you while lifting her back leg to have her belly rubbed! She prefers to stay with her human and has done a great job of acclimating to crowded settings and loves to go for walks. She is 75lbs and a lower energy girl so ideal for an older person who is looking for a buddy. Sheba is being fostered with kids but is not interacting with them so that will take time and patience. Sheba is located in CT.


Marsha was four years old, dumped at the shelter with her two sisters and pregnant. We had no idea until she reached the safety of the vet in Texas that she was only weeks away from giving birth to NINE puppies! Marsha has been an amazing mama and has welcomed her babies with tons of love. Marsha is a fantastic girl who loves other dogs, adores kids and just wants to be loved. She will be ready to head to her forever home around the end of August. Located in CT.



Tess was given up by her owner because she would jump the four foot fence to visit the neighbors and their dog. Tess couldn't be more loving or sweet. She is calm, walks beautifully on a leash, wants to be with her person and will make an ideal companion dog or therapy dog. Tess is four years old, 70lbs and is good with kids (but prefers the quieter life), cats, chickens and dogs. This Great Pyrenees deserves the life her owner could not give her and is looking for her ideal home now that she has completed heart worm treatment.  Located in CT.


2 years old, 45lbs, happy and friendly


Olive is one of those special dogs that you see and can't "not take". She was set to go down shortly and her terrified expression is evidence that she felt it. Olive was a shelter favorite and suffered from Black Dog Syndrome which got her on the euth list. We are lucky to have saved her in the eleventh hour. Olive is a great dog who is very affectionate and intelligent. She enjoys chasing squirrels, is food motivated and learns very quickly with verbal and visual commands. She is well socialized with other animals (cats,dogs,birds) and always happy to make new friendsand run around the backyard. Her foster mom trains service dogs and says, "I really think she would be an excellent emotional support or service animal".  Located in CT.

I would say that Sally is a special girl, but that wouldn't do her justice.  Sally was being neglected for years and showed up at the shelter with a double ear infection, numerous skin infections and eyes so matted with "gook" that she couldn't see.  Since joining LBDR and a wonderful foster about one month ago, Sally has regained her sight, her ears are being treated for yeast rods, her third skin issue (also yeast) is clearing up and her gorgeous coat is coming back. Sally is a spunky, playful senior who adores other dogs, but would like to be loved on more than anything. She is affectionate and likes to nuzzle any human who gives her a warm look, enjoys walking on the beach and just began to swim! Sally would like to retire in a home where she is loved and cared for the what a dog is supposed to be. She's around 9/10 years young, possibly a Boykin spaniel mix, and is around 45lbs. Sally knows commands, is house-broken and lets you know when she needs to go out. She walks beautifully on a leash and entertains herself by tossing toys around the room! You couldn't ask for an easier, more devoted dog! Located in SC.

Coming Soon...

George is a very handsome 12 week old lab boy. He is 28lbs and will be a large boy around 65/70lbs. George is being fostered with kids and dogs and loves playing with both. He is a typical puppy who is learning manners and cues, is crate-trained and doing GREAT with housebreaking. He will be a wonderful family dog! Located in CT.

Adoption Pending

Catherine is an adorable  35lb, one year old girl who is full of spunk and love, despite her rough start in life. Catherine has come so far since leaving the shelter.  She is loved by everyone she meets and was calm and gentle on a recent visit with an adult with special needs. She may be a therapy dog! She loves both dogs and kids and would love a canine sibling to run laps around the yard with.  This is a GREAT dog who is being overlooked because of her breed and color! Catherine is located in VA.


Sweetest girl  Sadieis a little piece of heaven. Dumped by her owner because she "didn't like having her hair pulled by the new baby". Sadie is around 6 years old, a few pounds too heavy  (around 15) and has the softest coat imaginable. She seems to be a Doxie/Chi mix and adores sitting on her person's lap and being loved. Sadie is an ideal companion dog who will be a wonderful addition to a home that will love her as much as she loves them. She will be ready for a northern forever home in mid-July but is ready to go to a southern home today! Located in SC. 


Dacshund mix, details to come!



​​Betsy is a gorgeous one year old girl who was dumped at a Texas shelter. She was to be put down but volunteers begged for a rescue because of her sweetness. She is 49lbs, loves other dogs and adores her humans. Her foster family says she is easy-going and polite. Betsy is crate-trained and housebroken. She has a genetic cataract that caused her to lose vision in one eye but the doctor believes the other eye will not have the issue. Betsy heads north August 8th!

​Located in Texas.




5 years old, 60lbs, calm but playful with other dogs, would like a home with kids over 10