Margo...a love. This little lady is around 18 weeks and 20lbs. She is docile, loving and submissive and would prefer a quieter home and a canine sibling to follow around. Margo is happy to meet new people and submissive with new dogs. She is crate-trained and walks calmly on the leash. Margo will make a wonderful addition to any family and just wants to curl up on her bed for a snooze. Margo, her mom and sister were rescued from a rural shelter where they sat around with life-threatening sarcoptic mange. Thanks to a fellow-rescuer in MS, they got the treatment they needed. Mom is a medium size blue-tick hound mix. Located in CT.


4 years, 40lbs

Arrives  1/23

Sweet Pea

35lbs, 1 year, MS

Arrives 2/4


Adoption Pending


Adoption Pending

Gabe was dumped at the shelter with a protruding eyeball, thanks to glaucoma. He stayed there waiting for a rescue but they didn't come. We saw his video showing his sweet disposition and had to help him. Gabe is having his eye removed tomorrow and can't wait to feel relief. He has been such a good sport during the treatment of his skin infection, double ear-infection and the pressure of his eye. He is the most loving dog and would like to have humans around. He adores other dogs, is a spunky player and is a favorite at the local dog-park. Gabe is the perfect size at 40lbs and looks like a mini-lab mix. He is vocal and will cry with excitement when he sees his human or his bed. This boy is loved by everyone he meets. He will head north 1/29. 

Elke, whose name means "gift from God" is a gorgeous, 40lb, 3 year old hound. She was lingering in a parking lot in MS where the business-owner began feeding her skinny little body. She said Elke was "all chest" and skin. She was able to take Elke home and care for her until she was healthy and ready for her forever home.  She was shy when she arrived but opened-up to her foster within a few days. As you can see from the photos, Elke loves a good nap! She is a medium energy dog who plays and loves to go for walks. She is fine with cats and kids but prefers living with children over 5 who respect her while she sleeps. Elke will make any family lucky to have her! Located in CT.

​​Dash is a nearly three year old, 66lbb black lab mix who was adopted as a puppy and we are helping to re-home him. Dash has found it stressful living with two other dogs and we feel he would be best as an only dog. Dash loves pleasing his humans, snuggling on the couch, and is happiest in couch potato mode and getting  treats like cream cheese and peanut butter. He is a great swimmer, loves to go hiking  and enjoys having jobs and is crate-trained and housebroken.
 Because Dash can redirect when excited, he would do best in a home where he is the only dog .  A strong leader who commits to Dash will be able to train him to "leave it" and redirect his focus. His current owner walks him daily and his leash skills continue to improve and he has perfected,   "heel". He is excellent with children (over 8 because of size and tail) and grew up with 3 kids. He would do best in a home with a fenced-in yard and enough room for him to run and play. Teaching him self-control on the leash will be most beneficial to Dash's confidence and his need to please and work. We would like his new owner to work with a trainer to make this possible. LBDR will cover the first session with out behaviorist who has worked with Dash to continue his leash-training. Located in CT.


Adoption Pending

Adoption Pending



45lbs, 3/4 years, LA

HW positive


Lucky is just that. He was found in the woods of MS when a kind woman heard him crying. Her son spent an hour hacking through the brush just to get to his five pound body that was shivering. The vet said he was about six weeks old. Six weeks old and all alone in the cold woods with no mom in sight. Thanks to his angel, Lucky got the care he needed and has grown into a 10 week old, 11lb boy with long legs and  soft fur.  Lucky arrived to his foster family in CT and has an LBDR alum as his foster sister. She is teaching him to be a puppy. Lucky has won the hearts of everyone he meets and will make a wonderful addition to any family who has the time to devote to this little guy! Located in CT.

Charlie is one of the sweetest souls around. He was spotted on the highway, running out from under a semi-truck and was hit by a car but kept on going. When he finally stopped running, a passer-by who was on her way to a wedding was able to get him in the car and to the ER. Fortunately, Charlie only had scratches and a bruised leg. He was very lucky. LBDR has taken Charlie since no one came forward to claim him and we couldn't be luckier. At only 30lbs and about 2 years  old,  Charlie is submissive, cautious and adores his people, especially children. He is being fostered with 3 kids who he loves and another dog. He is wonderful with other dogs but not much of a player. He prefers snuggling on the couch with his person. Charlie is being treated for HW and will arrive in CT around 2/20. This little guy is a special soul!

Adoption Pending



25lbs, 1 year, TX

Due to the large number of adopters we are offering "foster-to-adopt" for all dogs. We will match you with the right fit and offer a five day trial.

Jackson wandered into a yard in GA and got very lucky. The lady who owned the home was nice enough to take him into her home and post him on Facebook which is where I found him. Thanks to a foster, we were able to prevent Jackson from ending up in the shelter with a dark fate. This guy is a GEM. He is only around one year, knows basic commands, ,fetches the ball and comes when called. He is sweet and goofy and is working on his jumping manners but his fosters agree that this guy is gold and will make any family LUCKY to have him! Jackson is 48lbs and won't grow much more. He is crate-training and house-broken. Locate in CT.


34lbs, 2-3 years

​HW positive



65lbs, 2 years

Arriving 1/30


One year, 45lbs, SC

HW positive

Adoption Pending