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Special Needs

Cece is a tiny pipsqueak with a big personality! At 14lbs and 3/4 years old, Cece would love to be a best friend to someone who will make her the center of attention (as she should be!). She is great with kids over 3 and loves playing with other dogs and would be very happy with a canine sibling. Cece is a delight and has so  much love to give! Located in CT.


5 years, 35lbs

Located in MS


2 years, 40lbs,

Located in MS


Nicky Adopted!

These two are little bundles of love! Klaus and Nikolai(Nicky) lived with their owner who became ill and was not able to care for them any longer. They went to live with a nice lady who vetted them and cared for them for a month. LBDR took these guys and we are lucky to have them! Klaus is a 2 year old Chihuahua/Dacshund mix and Nicky is a 4 year old Miniature Pinscher/Dacshund mix. Both boys are sweet and loving and want a lap to lie in. They LOVE their squeaker toys and to play fetch. The are a bonded pair but don't seem to rely on each other for confidence and are in separate foster homes. They can be adopted together or separately. Klaus loves kids and would be fine with little ones while Nicky is more reserved and would prefer kids over 6. These boys have been through a lot of transition and deserve loving homes as companion/lap dogs to either adults or kids who need a buddy. They walk well on a leash and will enjoy all the new experiences to come with their forever family.


Klaus      Adoption Pending



3 years, 20lbs, 

Located in NC

Angus is ONE IDEAL DOG. He has been a joy for his foster, adores kids, would be a great companion to a child who is looking for a bestie, walks well on-leash and likes riding in the car. He would LOVE a canine sibling as he plays like a champ and enjoys rough-housing with his 80lb foster brother. Angus is one year old and 30lbs.
He adopted with his brother but was returned after one year in his home because he is a low-grade hemophiliac, factor 5 (like his brother)  and the adopter was concerned about financially caring for both boys, should an issue arise.  Being a hemophiliac dog means that if he gets a cut, he will continue to bleed and need an at-home treatment to clot the blood. My vet is working on something that he can take daily to help clot the blood. This was discovered during their neuter and neither brother has had any issues since.
Angus is free to live the life of a happy pup and he hopes this “special need” won’t deter adopters. He is a little prince! Located in SC.


1 year, 50lbs

Located in MS


Please be patient as we continue to work overtime to process applications and vet adopters. 


Tucker is a seven year old cattle-dog mix who has been displaced for a second time. Tucker was not getting the exercise or boundaries he needed in his past homes and was anxiously watching cars and people pass outside his window. This elevated his anxiety level and left him anxious all the time. He was not living his best life so we are searching for the BEST home for this handsome boy. Tucker lived with other dogs and is happy in a pack. He is more concerned with his tennis ball and loves playing fetch with the seven year old boy where he is living currently. He appreciates affection, looks forward to a calm household with a companion who will give him what he needs. Tucker is crate-trained, knows basic commands, loves to ride in the car and has a soft mouth. Tucker looks forward to finding his ideal home and giving them the love he has for his human. Located in CT.

Ally is a very special girl who was not given boundaires in her adoptive home. She began resource-guarding and was returned to LBDR. Ally has completed a one month training program and needs a patient adopter who will allow her to decompress for the first 3 days of adoption so she doesn't feel on-edge.

Ally is around 2/3 years old, 55lbs, crate-trained, cat-friendly, housebroken, and would prefer a home without children. She is looking for an adopter who will continue the exercises she has been working so hard on during her training to prevent resource-guarding. We are looking for a savvy owner who will FOLLOW the directions given by the trainer she has worked with and excelled at.  She has learned exemplary leash-skills, appreciates boundaries and would be an ideal companion dog. Ally loves going fishing with her foster and enjoys hiking and the great outdoors. She would love property to stretch her legs and chase her ball.

  Ally is located in CT.

Gypsy is a beautiful 4 year old lab who was dumped by her owner after being used as a breeder dog. She was found sleeping on a NC porch and a kind lady posted for help for this sweet girl. Gypsy is smart, focused and playful and LOVES collecting toys. She is an ideal retriever and is very gentle when carrying her toys . She is smitten with the foster’s small dog who looks like a puppy and Gypsy tried to carry her around by her neck like a mama dog. She likely had her puppies taken away from her to sell before she was ready to let them go. She guards her little foster sister so no one “messes” with her. It’s sad and sweet at the same time. Gypsy is a 75lb girl and would love an active family who will get her outside to explore. She is calm inside the house and will lie at her fosters feet while she works. Gypsy is housebroken and non-destructive. She is a wonderful girl who will make someone lucky! Located in CT