Odyis 45lbs of "cheeky" hound dog! He is full of personality and loves being with his person. Ody is a medium energy dog who loves having a playmate either as a sibling or on trips to the park and beach. He walks well on a leash and wants to be a companion dog. Ody has some separation anxiety due to always having a human around thanks to quarantine but is crate-trained and settles after a few hound  howls. Ody is about 50lbs and 3/4 years old. He was dumped in Texas and was likely an outside dog. He sleeps with his third-eyelid open so it looks as if he is awake sometimes and can be startled. This is common for a dog who was once protecting himself. For this reason, we want Ody to go to a home with older kids who understand that when he is in his crate or quietly lying in his chair (he has claimed a soft one at his foster home) to leave him be. He has gotten used to his foster mom and teenage human sibling and doesn't startle as easily so we are confident that with time and trust, he will likely grow out of this.  Ody understands what furniture he is allowed to be on and respects the rules. Although he likes his space when he is asleep,  he does love gentle tussles and belly rubs when he’s awake and in the mood, and especially body rubs when standing between my his foster's legs with a good scratch on the rear end! He is a gem of a dog who simply needs space to trust and would like an owner who understands this and will give him the boundaries to feel safe. Located in CT.

Adoption Pending

​​Dukewas appropriately named for his regal look and stately demeanor. Don't be fooled by looks; this guy is a bug mush who sleeps on his back and cuddles like a champ on the couch. At 70lbs and about five years old, Duke was terrified and shaking at the Texas shelter. He would cower on the hard, cold floor of the kennel and no one pulled or claimed him LBDR was finally able to take Duke thanks to a local foster and he suddenly came to life. Duke is playful, loves fetch, stays with his person and simply wants affection. He works on praise and is looking for his forever human/s to love and trust. Duke is being fostered with other dogs and a 4 year old boy. He is not cat-tested. He is an old soul. Arrives 3/26.



Due to the large number of adopters we are offering "foster-to-adopt" for all dogs. We will match you with the right fit and offer a five day trial.