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Adoptable Dogs

Pancho was found on the streets in Puerto Rico. He was skinny and scared but friendly to his finder and she was able to get him vetted and brought him here to SC. Pancho has showed us his sweet, docile nature and come out of his shell in his foster home. He loves scampering in his yard and visiting the beach. Pancho adores other dogs, is working on his leash skills and is crate-trained and housebroken. This little two/three year old, 28lb bundle of love will be a great companion dog or family member to kids over 8. He is a snuggle-bug who looks forward to learning what a real dog's life should be like! Located in SC.

Buzz was found wandering around a neighborhood for a few days until someone allowed him to sleep in their yard. They thought he was a puppy due to his tiny frame and ematiated body. When I got to him, I realized that this guy was around two  years old and terrified of being inside of a home. He acclimated quickly after his first night with his foster family which includes a Great Dane who took him under her wing and had taught him everything he knows oncluding leash walking, climbing stairs and cuddling like a little baby. Buzz is at a healthy 28lbs now and is thriving. Polite, quiet and reserved at first, Buzz is a gentleman who has gained confidence and will make someone a best friend for life. Buzz is a gentle, old soul who is being fostered with four kids and does beautifully. This guy is a gem. Located in SC. 

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Crawford is big 60lb, 1.5 year old  lug. He thinks he is a 10lb dog, is happy to meet anyone and any dog and just wants to lie on top of his human in a giant hug. Crawford was living in a bad situation and ended up in the shelter. After no one would take him because he need eye-surgery, LBDR agreed to make him one of us. He underwent a successful entropion eye surgery and can finally see! He is thrilled and enamored with his new life that included trip to the park and meeting new friends. Crawford needs to gain another 10lb of muscle and continues to heal. He would like a home with kids over 10 as he is large. He would be happy to have canine siblings and would likely run from a cat. He is crate-trained, housebroken and non-destructive. He doesn't even go upstairs! He is a gem. Located in SC.