Stormy is a dog-lover's dream! At 2/3 years old, she is well-trained, has excellent manners and loves to play with her canine friends. Stormy is around 40lbs, house-trained and calm and cool inside the house. She likes to lie at my feet while I work and enjoys a good morning cuddle in bed. She is a border collie mix and medium energy. She would make a GREAT second dog or companion pup. Located in SC.

Wendy is what the rescue world calls, "turn-key". Her beagle-savvy foster describes her as the "most uncomplicated and best-mannered and most well-listening beagle"  she has ever met! Wendy has a habit of napping (see pics above) but is also thrilled to be out back chasing squirrels with the pack. She is kid and cat-tested and loves everyone she meets. She is wee wee pad trained as well and wants to sleep with her canine or human friends and is not destructive at all. She is about five years old, 20lbs and an IDEAL dog for anyone. This girl is THE BEST! Located in LA.

Toby is a super-sweet little guy whose family moved and didn't take him with them. Toby is about 6 months, 27lbs, crate-trained and loves kids. He is an ideal little pup for a family and would be a canine brother or sister to roll around with, however he adores being with his person. Anyone would be lucky to have Toby as their own! Located in CT.