Black Beauty

Scooby, 2 years, 29lbs, located in NC.

Cinta, meaning "Love" in Indonesian, is just that. This 15 month old girl was terrified on the cold cement floor of the loud shelter and we had to get her out before she shut down.   Cinta went to boarding and found two young puppies to take under her wing. She showed them how to play and made them feel safe. That is how she earned her name. Cinta is about 45lbs and ADORES other dogs. She would love to have a dog to follow around in her forever home. She us cautious and bows-down when approaching new people. She was likely abused by a tall male as she gets scared and retreats when she encounters one inside the house. She will need a patient tall male to desensitize her of this.  Cinta loves children and doesn't jump up. She has a nurturing energy and wins over everyone she meets. She has husky-type coloring on her sides and is bouncy when she plays. She is gentle with small dogs and cat-friendly. She is a special girl. Located in SC.

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Harvey is everything you could ever want in a hound dog; he is calm, sweet and grunts when he lies down. Harvey is covered in scars and even missing a chunk of fur/skin on his side. This guy has led a hard life in his six years and is ready to live the spoiled life. Harvey is likely a "failed hunting dog" as he can be startled at loud noises. At 36lbs, Harvey is severely underweight and should be closer to 55lbs. He walks well on a leash, minds the dog gate and loves having his own dog bed. This guy will make someone very lucky to have a chance with such a sweet soul. He rubs his body up against you in gratitude. Located in SC.



Louise 6 years, 44lbs, located in MS.

Black Beauty is a gorgeous, 9 month old boy with long legs and a penchant for cuddling! He came from MS where he showed up on someone's property and we were lucky enough to welcome him to LBDR. BB is about 55lbs, long and lean and needs to put on a few pounds. He loves having a dog in the foster home to follow and to play with. He would make an ideal second dog! BB is located in CT,

Jotti, Raven and Xavier

12 weeks old, under 15lbs, lab mixes 

Cinta was terrified at the shelter in MS.


Harry  is the absolute sweetest! He's an old soul in a young guy's body and a calm dog who loves everybody. Harry was found at an oil field in Louisiana after being dumped there in January. He followed the nice man who found him all the way to his home and became his shadow.  LBDR got this boy vetted and treated for heartworm and he is ready for his forever home! Just looking at this handsome guy will brighten your day. He adores people and will immediately be your best friend.
Nothing makes Harry happier than pets, snuggles and kind words. He's a smart boy and loves to please. He's picking up commands like "sit" and "down" even while his tail wagging!  
He's beyond great with his two foster brothers, loves to play, go for walks and be with his person.  This guy will bring so much love to any family! Located in CT.


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Handsome Opie couldn't be sweeter! This 3 year old, 60lb boy is playful and would love a canine sibling! He gets very attached to men which is likely because his former owner was a young guy who ended up dumping him with the ex-girlfriend. Opie ended up living outdoors for the majority of the time and is learning about life indoors. He is crate-training and loves to go inside with his tennis ball. He walks well on a leash, sits on command and is happy to have his nails cut and a bath. This guy would be a great family dog for active owners who like to hike and hit the beach. He is a talker (maybe some hound?) but is learning to use his inside voice. He is located in CT.