Bando was found wandering alone down a road in NC. He was posted on FB as "free" or he would go to a shelter so one of LBDR's volunteers scooped him up. Bando has proven to be a very special boy. At 11 months and 55lbs,  Bando is a gentle boy with puppy-playfulness and is affectionate to his humans. He literally just wants to be loved! His foster has described him as "The most grateful foster we have ever had," Bando is cat-friendly and enjoys playing with his canine foster brother and sister. He is learning leash-manners,  commands and crate-training but is fully housebroken. He likes to be with his humans and sleeps on a dog bed in his foster's bedroom.  Bando will make a great family member to anyone looking for a companion or a second pup to run around with their current dog. He is a soulful boy who wants to look into his human's eyes and thank them for saving him. He is a gem! Located in CT.

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Miais a beautiful 5 year old lab mix who is laid-back and loving. She found herself on the euth list in NC and LBDR was asked to consider her. The shelter volunteer could not stand to see this sweet girl miss out on life. Mia is and easy-going girl, loves people and dogs and will make a great addition to a loving family. She  prefers a home without cats, is gentle with kids and would love a male playmate. You can see in the video that Mia is the shelter "test dog" to make the new intakes comfortable! She is a gem. Located in CT.

Slugger was found under the bleachers at a baseball field. He was cowering and scared when his finder approached him and lured him into her car to safety. Slugger is a mere 10lbs and about 3 years old. He is affectionate, playful and is a true "little guy". Slugger has only been with a foster for about a week and has made great strides as he becomes comfortable. He is nervous at first and will need someone sensitive to his space and "handling" him as he is still fearful when surprised. Slugger is not a fan of the crate and will need to have a gated area to feel safe and secure. He would prefer a home with kids over 10 and would be happy with another dog around but really wants to be a lap dog. He LOVES to play and can be mouthy but is learning limits. He would enjoy a fenced-in yard to romp in, is cat-friendly and is recovering from skin dermatitis (from fleas), This little guy is adorable and a true character! Located in CT.

Roois looking for a new forever home! At 80lbs, Roo is a strong dog who has become reactive while walking on-leash. After careful consideration, the owner feels she is not a strong-enough leader for Roo and we are looking for the ideal home for him.
When Roo sees another dog on a walk, his excitement level goes up and he barks. This is correctable behavior but the current owner sought out a quick-fix and had multiple training methods which have only confused Roo. He needs one owner, one method and a confident leader who can show this once jovial dog that walks can be fun as well as focused. Roo settles quickly once the other dog passes so we are confident that he just needs the right person.
Roo would prefer a quieter area where there isn't as much stimulus and a yard to play in. He loved playing with other dogs prior to his placement but hasn't been socialized this past year. He needs to build his confidence first.
Roo has lived with two boys and is a loving, sweet dog. He is large and jumps up in excitement so he would like a home with kids over 10. He adores his teenage brothers and playing ball in the yard. Roo would love to find a home that gives him the love and training he needs to be a confident, calm dog. LBDR will include a package with the trainer he is working with in Stamford CT to set him up for success.
Located in CT.


Petey was found wandering in SC with a harness and a leash but no one claimed him. After a few weeks with a foster, LBDR took this special guy to help him settle and find a home that suits his needs. Petey was TERRIFIED when he was transported to LBDR and needed 24 hours to become submissive and feel safe. We gave him the space he needed and he plopped himself down on my lap and sighed. He loves belly rubs and sitting next to his person, is happy with other dogs and is even initiating playtime! He is a companion dog who simply wants to be a best friend. Petey needs an adopter who is patient and understands the absolute need for him to have his space with new people. Petey would like a quieter home without kids (although he seems to LOVE children but due to his needs for space, grandkids are the best fit) and someone who likes to take walks. He is great on the leash and enjoys new places including the dog park  and riding in the car and on the golf cart. Petey is about 3/4 years old, 15lbs and an ideal buddy. We would like to adopt Petey out locally in the Charleston area to avoid a setback. Located in SC.

Marshall (also known as Marshmallow due to his amazing cuddling ability) is a gorgeous 32lb spaniel mix. At 7/8 old, Marshall found himself in a rural SC shelter, scared and  alone. LBDR was contacted because he was heart worm positive and as a senior, has two strikes against him.  We are lucky to have this super-sweet boy with us and were surprised by his puppy-like gait and playful energy. He ADORES other dogs and would be a great sibling.  His senior foster enjoys his sweet nature, love of all dogs and people and even adores her parrot! Marshall is housebroken, prefers not to be crated and is non-destructive. He adores his person and will make a wonderful companion dog to someone looking for a best friend.  Marshall loves kids and is a gentle soul He is the perfect size and walks well on a leash. This is one special guy! Located in Sc.

​​Higgins has been stuck in a SC shelter for four months now. Being a black male dog in a SC shelter is a curse and this guy has minimal chance at getting adopted. The shelter staff adores Higgins and asked LBDR to give this guy a chance. He is a 45lb lab mix who loves going for walks and is great on the leash. Higgins is a gentle boy at 2/3 years old and has been treated for heart worm. He has a spunky personality and would love to be a regular at the dog park. He is cat-friendly too! We look forward to placing him in a loving home! Located in CT.

Peanut, 4 months, located LA




Chip is a cuddle bug once he gets to know you which is best done at his pace as he can be skittish at the first meeting.  Chip takes to women first but once he knows you, he loves you no matter. Chip is working on basic commands, housebroken and crate-trained. He’s great with other dogs (big and small), loves to play with our special needs dog! Also does great with cats. He loves to sleep in bed with you snuggled against your side and car rides where he gets to sit on someone’s lap to look out of the window!   Chip would love a patient family with kids over 1o and who will let him go up at his own pace while he becomes a confident dog.  Chip is affectionate and would love to be a companion dog to someone who likes a cuddler. He walks well on the leash and looks forward to finding a loving home in SC. 

 Clive was saved by a kind person who took him from the busy highway where his “family” literally dumped him .  Clive was terrified and had been hit by a car while he was running around trying to find a safe place to hide. He is safe with his foster now and enjoying being loved and held. We believe he is about 1 1/2 years old, very smart and learning to sit and to walk on a leash. Clive is fine with other dogs but really loves  to be is hugged and kissed by his person. Clive will likely open up more and begin playing with his foster siblings once he is comfortable.  We have not cat-tested Clive but he loves kids. He is low-rider with a million dollar smile!  Located in MS.





Luna, 2 years, located NC