Margo...a love. This little lady is around 18 weeks and 20lbs. She is docile, loving and submissive. Margo is happy to meet new people and cautious with new dogs. She is crate-training and walks calmly on the leash. Margo will make a wonderful addition to any family and just wants to curl up on her bed for a snooze. Margo and her mom and sister were rescued from a rural shelter where they sat around  with life-threatening sarcoptic mange. Thanks to  fellow-rescuer in MS, they got the treatment they needed. Mom is a medium size blue-tick hound mix. Located in CT.


1-2 years,MS


11 weeks, MS


1-2,  years

Harlow is a sweet, affectionate, 7 month old lab mix who is ready to find her forever home! After more than one month in boarding, Harlow had a very long trip to CT from LA. She was so happy to get out of that van! Harlow is create-trained, house-broken , loves other dogs and cats and is about 40lbs. Harlow will make any family lucky to have her! Located in CT,


Adoption Pending

Adoption Pending

Heidi is a gentle, loving soul who grew too big and strong for her older owners to manage. LBDR was happy to help find 8 month old Heidi her ideal family that suits her needs and can give her the life she would love. Heidi is around 65lbs and appears to be a shepherd mix. She is strong on the leash and would do well with a gentle leader. She adores kids (over 5 due to size) and having other dogs to play with and does best with males.  She is calm and sweet in the house and loves her human. She is being fostered with a cat and is interested in a playful way.  She will be a great addition to a lucky family! Located in CT.

Dash is a nearly three year old, 66lbb black lab mix who was adopted as a puppy and we are helping to re-home him. Dash has found it stressful living with teo other dogs and we feel he would be best as an only pet. Dash loves pleasing his humans, snuggling on the couch, is happiest in couch potato mode and getting  treats like cream cheese and peanut butter. He is a great swimmer, loves to hike and enjoys having jobs to do. He is crate-trained and housebroken.
Dash is working on his leash skills and needs the right tools. The gentle-leader may be best to guide him and prevent him from getting over-excited when he sees a squirrel or another dog. He needs to learn that the leash means, “calm”. He loves other big dogs 99% of the time, but because he can redirect when excited, he is not safe inside the house with them which is why we are re-homing him. He be best in a home with an experienced dog owner where he is the only dog and there are no young children (because of his exuberance--his tail alone would knock a child over). He is on a daily anxiety medication which may cease once he isn’t with other dogs who he feels that he is in competition with. Dash has a strong prey instinct so leash skills are necessary.  A strong leader who commits to Dash will be able to train him to "leave it" and redirect his focus. His current owner has a large yard so he isn't often walked, however he knows how to heel. He is excellent with children (over 8 because of size and tail) and grew up with 3 kids. He would do best in a home with a fenced-in yard and enough room for him to run and play. Teaching him self-control on the leash will be most beneficial to Dash's confidence and his need to please and work. We would like his new owner to work with a trainer to make this possible. LBDR will cover the first session with out behaviorist who has worked with Dash. Located in CT.


Adoption Pending



Adoption Pending


Pattie Cake

4 years, MS


Danny is a precious six month old, 28lb lab who was dumped with his sister, Sandie, in a LA shelter. These two are sweet, loving and enjoy a good nap.  Danny is learning quickly and understands basic commands. He is crate-trained, house-broken and walk well on-leash. Danny is enjoying exploring the outdoors and loves his foster family which includes kids. He is an ideal dog and any family would be lucky to make him their own! Located in CT.

Casper is a little slice of heaven! At nearly 8 weeks old, Casper was found on the side of a road in MS,  alone, covered in fleas Casper is only 7lbs but is gaining weight and and his skin infection (due to fleas) is improving daily. This little guy will continue to develop his personality and looks forward to an adopter who is home during the day to give him the care and training he requires. Located in CT.

Please be patient as we continue to work overtime to process applications and vet adopters. 


15 months, LA


"Larry the Lounger" is one of his many nicknames. This snuggle-bug is 9 months old, 35lbs and was not going to make it out of the shelter without a last-minute rescue. They thought he had a broken shoulder but it turns out that its likely an old injury or something genetic and will not require any treatment! It sure doesn't slow Larry down! This guy plays hard and would adore a canine buddy. He would love to be an agility dog per the video above. He is submissive, loving and makes friends everywhere he goes. Larry is a special little guy and is crate-trained housebroken and good on the leash. He is looking for a forever home with a great family. Located in CT.




11 weeks, CT 


2 years, LA


Tucker is a seven year old cattle-dog mix who has been displaced for a second time. Tucker was not getting the exercise he needed in his past homes or the guidance to avoid herding things like trucks.  Tucker has herding dog in him and would love to work on a farm! He walks on the leash well with the martingale collar and quick corrections so he doesn't get distracted by moving objects. He needs a strong leader for the walk. Tucker lived with other dogs and is fine in a pack but also thrilled to be the prince. He is mostly concerned with his tennis ball and loves playing fetch as well as swimming, if only in the baby pool out back. He appreciates affection but is sensitive with his back-end and doesn't care to be pet there or towel-dried. He looks forward to a calm household with kids over 12,  a companion who will throw him the ball and respect his boundaries. Tucker is crate-trained, knows basic commands, loves to ride in the car and has a soft mouth. Tucker looks forward to finding his ideal home and giving them the love he has for his human. Located in CT.