Adoptable Dogs

Buzz was found wandering around a neighborhood for a few days until someone allowed him to sleep in their yard. They thought he was a puppy due to his tiny frame and ematiated body. When I got to him, I realized that this guy was around two  years old and terrified of being inside of a home. He acclimated quickly after his first night with his foster family which includes a Great Dane who took him under her wing and had taught him everything he knows oncluding leash walking, climbing stairs and cuddling like a little baby. Buzz is at a healthy 28lbs now and is thriving. Polite, quiet and reserved at first, Buzz is a gentleman who has gained confidence and will make someone a best friend for life. Buzz is a gentle, old soul who is being fostered with four kids and does beautifully. This guy is a gem. Located in SC.