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If you would like to give your own dog a friend for a bit or see what having a dog/second dog is like, it would help me save another life which in turn opens up a kennel for another dog. It is a huge gift.

Please fill out an application below and email it to:
or mail it to:

LBD Rescue 
PO Box 28

Greens Farms, CT 06830

As of 2015, all of our Applications have been moved to Google Forms.

If you wish to help save a life and become a foster, please begin by filling out an application. Click the button above to begin the process of being a foster.

What is a foster? Our fosters play a crucial role in saving the lives of dogs in need. They provide temporary housing and care for a dog while the animal is making its way through the adoption process to its forever home. Care includes housing, feeding, walking, and general care for the dog.


SAVE A LIFE: Volunteer to Help

Without volunteers, I would not be doing what I do!

Volunteering can mean whatever you are willing to give:
  • raising money
  • helping at events
  • delivering documents
  • picking up supplies
  • making bracelets
  • picking up dogs from transport
  • giving a dog a ride from another state
  • asking for items needed (toys, towels, etc),
  • talking me off the ledge :)
  • responding to emails
  • playing with puppies
  • picking up from the groomer
  • running to the vet
  • spreading the word about the rescue or events
  • making fliers and posters
  • baking for fundraisers
  • whatever else you can come up with!

I welcome all ages and abilities and appreciate anything that enables me to help save a life!

As a one-woman rescue, I rely on "the kindness of strangers", as well as my friends and clients, to help out with the care of my rescue dogs. I don't have a rescue facility so I can only take so many pups at a time. I am grateful for people who can welcome a new dog into their home for an hour, a day or longer. I do my best to match the right dog to the right family so that everyone is comfortable, happy and can enjoy the company of a homeless pup.