No words needed for Ben (FKA Snoopy) and his mommy.

Star found her new mommy and fell asleep in her arms :)

Toby has become the apple of his dad's eye. He "works" now by keeping Jose company on job sites and riding in the truck. He is VERY loved!

Jackson (now Dexter) has fallen in love with his new mom and dad and the feeling is mutual! He even has his own FB page!!!! He deserves only the best and he found it!

Bailey, FKA Stripes, has struck gold! Her new bestie is another LBD, Issac,

who she swims with!!!

Bear, FKA Smokey, has settled into his new home nicely. His canine brother "doesn't do pics".

Derby, (now Kirby) loves having a dad!!!! And a canine sibling to run around with!

After a long road, Rolly has found her forever family! She is a classic case of "dog adopted to wrong family". Matching the energy of Rolly to her current family was the most important factor in finding her the right home. She is thriving as well as being loved to pieces!

Tucker loves his new brother and sister!

Quincy and his "twin" Cass are right at home together. He has two wonderful parents to love him and were patient enough to give him time to trust. And they live around the corner from me so we all lucked out!


Sebastian is one happy little guy!