1o month old hound mix, 30lbs, loving and sweet, great with other dogs.

Cinderis a 5 month old lab girl who came very close to being euthanized for space. She is sweet, loves other dogs, great with cats and everyone she meets. Cinder is crate-trained and housebroken. She will be a great family pup!

Jessie is a calm, loving and incredibly sweet 2 year old hound mix. At about 45lbs, she is an ideal size and loves to go for walks and play with friends. Jessie was recently treated for HW and is ready to find her forever home here in SC. She is wonderful with kids and gentle to a fault. She likes to extend her paw to her human to connect. Jesse loves to play with other dogs and would make a great second dog. She seems like she had a rough life before being rescued and is just learning to live a "dog's life" with all of the comforts in a home. 


Catherine is an adorable  35lb, one year old girl who is full of spunk and love, despite her rough start in life. Catherine is working on her leash skills with a trainer and has improved with the right collar.  She is loved by everyone she meets and was calm and gentle on a recent visit with an adult with special needs. She may be a therapy dog! She loves both dogs and cats and kids and would love a canine sibling to run laps around the yard with.  

Mater and Cayla






1 year old female lab/chow mix, 50lbs, dog-friendly and loves to play.  Good with kids and loves to be active and silly.


10 month old boxer mix, 50lbs, friendly, loves other dogs and happy guy.


Stella is 2 year old female Dacshund mix, 14lbs. Stella is a precious little lady who enjoys being a princess. She is calm but playful when she wants to be and will make a great companion dog! Stella LOVES children and is great with other dogs. She truly is an ideal pup!

6 year old flat coat/ lab mix, 75lbs, dog-friendly and loves her human. Great companion dog.




11 month old lab mix, 50lbs, loves other dogs and very friendly.

5 months old, 30lbs, sweet and loving, great with other dogs and kids.

Allison (Ally)

Tilly is a precious, 40lb girl who is only 1/2 years old. Tilly was about to go down in Texas and a volunteer asked us to step up because she was so sweet. Tilly plays like a champ and would be a great second dog. She sits on laps like a toy breed and adores her people. She would be a great companion dog for someone who likes to get out and walk/hike. Tilly will be having ACL surgery shortly and would love to recover in her forever home! She is great with kids and is not affected by cats! Great girl!

Mama Suzy Q, one year, 40lb lab mix and The Fab 5

John, George, Ringo, Paul and Yoko. Puppies will be weaned in mid-may! We require all puppy adopters to have one person home during the workday to be eligible. 



Helen, 1/2 year old, 50lb lab mix (maybe shepherd), loving, sweet, adores playing with other dogs, great with cats and kids. She is VERY smart and enjoys extracting ice cubes from the refrigerator ice dispenser, hiding the remote in her crate and likes cheese on her Triscuits! Helen also loves riding on golf carts and demands treats after walks. She is a CHARACTER!!!! Ideal girl!!! 


One year, 20lbs, bonded brother and sister, wire coat

8-10 year old, spaniel/lab mix, loving, playful, great with other dogs and kids.