A cuter little guy does not exist.Odie is 15lbs of character. He prances around and loves to play with other dogs and likely will not mind cats. He is about three years old and was dumped by his owners who were moving. He is crate-trained and house-broken. Odie loves people and follows his person around.  He is a little dog but not yappy at all.

Odie is a little prince and looks forward to finding his forever home!



Ray is on medical hold while we are doing a blood work -up to  address a potential kidney issue. You may submit an application now if you like.




Riley, Dolly and Bailey

Nine month old Zoe was dumped at the Memphis shelter and was terrified. After being in a warm home with her family, she experienced the stress a dog goes through in a noisy, cold shelter that offers no comfort. LBDR stepped in in the 11th hour to save this sweet girl who is only a baby and looks forward to her forever home and the life that all black dogs deserve but often miss out on in kill shelters like MAS.  Zoe will need a patient human to let her settle and bond with them and continues to become more confident each day.  She is shy with new people but opens up once she trusts. She loves her "person" and is currently with a foster who she adores. Her foster is able to have her off-leash at the marina and hiking and she comes when called.  Zoe is crate-trained and house-broken and about 35lbs with a rich brindle coat. She looks forward to finding a forever home with another dog to lead her (and play, of course) with older children and is fine with cats. Our trainer adores Zoe and would like to offer a complientary session to help Zoe settle into her new home!


Adoption Pending

These pups are adorable! They are 3-4 months old and sweet as can be. Riley is the male and around 20lbs along with his sister Dolly (yellow) while Bailey is the tiny female around 12lbs. They are looking for a homes that are puppy-proofed and a caretaker who is home during the day while they are so young. 

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Vader is a calm, sweet and loving 3 year old boy. He is about 43lbs, quiet and loving and will lean into his human for affection. Vader was saved from the eith list and has spent months in boarding. LBDR is lucky to have him and look forward to finding the lucky family who makes him a member. 


Roscoe is a 9 month old lab puppy. He is bouncy and playful and would love a sibling to wrestle with. He is so sweet, loves to give kisses and knows how to sit. Roscoe is great with kids and even had a fmaily of his own but they left him inside of their house and moved. He is ready for a real home with a forever family!


Clark (Griswald) was dumped on the side of the road in Memphis in the freezing cold. He is only 3/4 months old and was curled up alone in a ball next to a fence. After three days of spotting him in the same place, a nice lady took him home and began bringing him back to life. Clark was so scared when first picked up by a human but has adjujsted beautifully. He loves kids and is on the quiet side so far. Clark would love a home with someone who has the time to devote to a young puppy and will be a great family dog! 

Squirrely is the type of dog who needs his own blog. At 10 years old, this little chi/corgie mix lost his mom to cancer. He ended up at his vet's office where they fell in love with this 12lb bundle of cuddles. Squirrely is the epitome of a lap dog. This guy just wants to hang out. He has played with his foster brother and takes the lead when he wants to tussle. He is a VERY special little soul and wins over everyone he meets. Squirrely is crate-trained and housebroken.

He is a DOLL. 



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Ray was named after the ray of sunshine he brought to the woman who found him and we couldn't agree more. Ray is around 5 years old and has had a hard life with the scars to prove it. He has one eye that works and scars around his face. A sweeter boy, he could not be. Calm, loving and affectionate, Ray extends a paw to everyone he meets and likes to   give hugs to the people waiting to see the vet. Ray is underweight   and will be fed well until he reaches about 50lbs. All he wants to do is love and relax. He likes to be tucked in at night and is a lower energy dog. Ray is a lover.  



HandsomeTuckeris a lab/cattle dog mix around 5 years old. He loves running around in his yard and would love a fenced property to chase squirrels. Tucker loves the dog park and going for walks.He is a great companion dog and would love to be with someone who can spend time with him and give him the love he craves. Tucker is great with kids and has lived with children over 5 years old. He is being rehomed because his owner is now working more than he did when adopting Tucker and he is suffering being alone in a crate all day. He likes playing with dogs his own size but doesn't know what to make of very small dogs. He will be a loyal friend and is loved by all who meet him. He is a special soul.

Bebe is a darling 2 year old lab mix who is on the shorter side. She is playful and loves other dogs. Bebe is around 40lbs, crate-trained, affectionate and loving. She has a gorgeous lab face and white socks on her front paws. Bebe will make a great family dog! 

Bella is a 24lb little pip of a beagle. She had a family who no longer wanted her and LBDR is lucky to have her. Bellla loves other dogs, is easy-going and happy to nap on the couch. She is great with kids and would be a great family pup. She is about 4 years old and ready for a forever home to be loved in!