Adoption Pending


Sweet Gracie is looking for her forever home. At only one year and

55 lbs, Gracie is an affectionate girl who loves everyone and all other dogs.  She is submissive and docile and would make a great second dog. Gracie was not treated with respect for her space by a toddler in her former home. While she has no issues with children who understand appropriate behavior around a dog, she would like to go to a home with kids over 4. Gracie is an active girl but is a champion napper. She adores the couch and is crate-trained and house-broken.  Gracie's ideal home will be active, have another dog or a community that has playmates. She is a "big puppy" who enjoys being a lap dog.

Luluis a 3 year old terrier mix, well-trained and dog-friendly but people-centered. She LOVES men. She prefers kids over 10 and will be a great companion dog. She was living in fear at her past home and is more confident every day. She will take patience and time to trust and would prefer a quiet home. Lulu is very smart,  learns quickly, she loves to go for walks and is excellent on a leash. She loves playtime with her person and will fetch  until you get tired or just play independently with her rope toy. She is vocal and will have a full conversation with you!  
She is house trained and isn't destructive at all.   The ideal adopter will have plenty of patience and work to guide her in the right direction as she becomes more comfortable with new humans. She responds best to a strong leader who gives her the attention and uses commands she already knows. If she is unsure, she can be dog selective but will cower if afraid.  She can be  possessive of her toys but her foster has been working with her and she has made huge progress.
Lulu is being fostered with two dogs and engages in the yard but rarely inside the house. She prefers a home without cats.


Adoption Pending


These two precious girls who were headed to the shelter or to a dog-fighter, were scooped up by our friend in MS. Leah is the smaller pup and was so malnourished that her legs were bowed. She has straightened up and is playing and running like a puppy should! Rosemary is VERY smart and loves to play with the big dogs.  The girls are about 9 weeks old, 8/15lbs and will be GREAT family dogs!

Leah and Rosemary

Sammie is still looking for her forever home. She was adopted in September and sadly, just returned. Sammie is a special little dog who needs to be treated like a large dog. This means that she doesn't want to be moved off of the couch, have a coat put on, or be picked up without warning. Sammie was so matted when she was rescued that she was unable to defecate. We don't know the extent of her neglect but we do know that when she feels nervous or threatened, she may bite the hand that feeds her. We found out that she has a luxated patella which means that her knee joint can become loose and sore which has made her more protective but we have treated that and her joyful self has returned. Our behaviorist explained that Sammie just needs her space and to feel confident but have LEADERSHIP so she knows she is not in charge.  Discipline before love! Often, little dogs are considered "cute" and don't get the corrections they needs when barking at strangers or other dogs. Sammie needs boundaries and space. She is cat-like in her desire to cuddle and have her belly rubbed when she feels like it.  Everyone who meets Sammie falls in love with her.  She loves other dogs (but likes to be the queen) and will invite them to play tug of war with her. Sammie is calm, quiet and enjoys a good nap in a cozy spot. She is about 6 years old, 10lbs and would like a home without kids and would be an IDEAL companion dog. She has an affinity for young men!


Charlie is a five year old Doxie mix who has lost his home to the new baby. He is 35lbs, walks well on a leash and enjoys riding in the car. He would like a home with kids over 5 and to be a companion dog to someone who will love and appreciate him.Charlie is being evaluated and dog-tested shortly and we will have more information.