Lacy is a 3 year old lab mix who is about 40lbs and needs some TLC. She loves to be with her person and will be a great companion dog.

Isaiah is 5 months old,  40lbs and appears to be a Dane mix.  He is gentle, sweet, loves other dogs and is great with kids. He is working on his leash skills and will need a physically strong leader. Isaiah would love a fenced-in yard to romp as he enters his "toddler" stage and would be happy with a sibling. He is an ideal family dog for someone who has the time for a large-breed male puppy. Isaiah is a medium energy dog and on the calm side, especially for a puppy. 

Figaro is a handsome, one year old lab mix who is a happy-go-lucky guy! He is about 45lbs, loves kids over 5 (he jumps) and happy to have a playmate. He is currently being fostered in NC; Figaro looks forward to being in his forever home!


Sammie is looking for her forever home. Sammie is a special little dog who needs to be treated like a large dog. This means that she doesn't want to be moved off of the couch, have a coat put on, or be picked up without warning.  She needs time to trust her person. Sammie was so matted when she was rescued that she was unable to defecate. Sammie needs boundaries and has made huge progress in her foster home! She is calm and relaxed and has a foster mom who corrects her when he gets of line (barking at visitors). Sammie is ready to her forever family and will come with a introduction session from our behaviorist so she can continue to feel calm and safe. She loves to cuddle and have her belly rubbed and gets most excited at stuffed toys that are bigger than she is.  Everyone who meets Sammie falls in love with her.  She loves other dogs (but likes to be the queen) and will invite them to play tug of war with her. Sammie is calm, quiet and enjoys a good nap in a cozy spot. She is about 6 years old, 10lbs and would like a home with kids over 10 and would be an IDEAL companion dog. She has an affinity for young men!

Foster to Adopt

Helen, 1-3 year old lab mix (maybe shepherd), loving, sweet, adores playing with other dogs, great with cats and kids. Ideal girl!!! She recently had puppies who were also rescued and she is headed North in 5-6 weeks. 



Teddie was dumped on the side of the road in MS with his 7 siblings. All but two died and a kind LBDR foster took Teddie and his brother to safety. He was 1lb and 3 weeks old and managed to survive. At 10 weeks old and nearly 14lbs, Teddie is hosting the Fab 5  at his house and loves having so many ladies around! We think he is a shepherd or collie mix but who knows?


Foster to Adopt


Catherine (FKA Blue Belle)

Catherine is an adorable  35lb, one year old girl who is full of spunk and love, despite her rough start in life. Catherine is working on being calm in the crate and does great with a bone. She is VERY strong on the leash and will need lots of training to show her that being calm on the leash makes the walk move. She loves both dogs and kids and will be an ideal family pup! 



Abby is a spunky, one year old, 35lb

mix who is great with other dogs and is being fostered with kids. She is crate-trained and housebroken and would love an active home where she can play fetch, go hiking and enjoy life!





Their mom is a light brown terrier mix (maybe Norwich) and their dad is unknown. These girls are tiny little 8 week old 3-5lb peanuts who are thriving at their foster home, despite bellies full of worms. Their mom was dumped at a house in MS where she gave birth. The girls will head north in 2-3 weeks to find  their forever homes! Put in an application and get pre-approved to adopt!


Trapper is a 3-5 year old cattle dog/Heeler who loves his people! He is truly a companion dog. Trapper was running loose in SC when his foot was caught in a Coyote trap. Somehow he was freed and animal control picked him and his canine friend up to bring to the shelter. Trapper was set to be euthanized because of his medial issue but LBDR reached out to those sad eyes and brought him to safety. His wound has healed and he has great range of motion. Trapper loves to run and go the soccer field to race around and sniff.  He is loving  what it means to be an inside dog and enjoys snuggling in bed and sleeping with the covers on. Trapper can be unsure of some new men but when told "you are fine", he relaxes. He is very well-trained and knows to wait, sit and lie down. If you tell him "no", he submits right away. He likes dogs his own size and barks when he plays  so I have been working with him to calm down before greeting and teaching him that "herding" is not something other dogs enjoy. He would like a home where someone is around during the day and cattle dog experience is a plus. I believe he was  working dog and would love to live on a few acres and earn his keep.. He is a sweetheart and an old soul who adores his person. 

The Female Fab Five


Reilly is a silly, goofy, 8 month old lab mix who adores other dogs. She was dumped by her family because they had a baby and didn't have time for her. Reilly is crate-trained, house-broken and working on leash-training. She is great with dogs and has been living with a baby. She learns quickly and will excel in a training class!


Dolly, Faith, Reba

Loretta and Tammy are 11 week old sisters who are ready for their forever home!Their mom is a large breed chocolate mix so they may be on the larger side. The girls arrive at the end of February!

Pixie is a 1/2 year old terrier mix who weighs just 10lbs. She is sassy and sweet, kid-friendly and housebroken.

Leena is a lovely, 2 year old, 35lb brindle girl who was pulled by LBDR in her last moments. She loves kids and other dogs, would prefer to live with a male sibling but not a deal-breaker.  She is house-broken and walks well on a leash. Her foster describes her as "a sweetheart". She is a GREAT dog!

 "Foster-To-Adopt" pups are those who are vetted, have been in boarding or foster homes in the South and will be matched with potential families in other areas. They will travel to those families and spend five days in their home before making the adoption final.