Adoption Pending


Spirit and Hope

Adoption Pending

Roxy is a 6/7 year old girl who was used and abused for breeding. She recently had her FINAL litter a few months ago and is enjoying the good life. Roxy loves a long walk and a comfy couch. Roxy is about 55lbs and seems to be a lab/hound mix.


Charlie is a super sweet three year old beagle who has so much love to give. He was removed from an abusive home by a rescue but spent his days in a crate, getting fat. Charlie was 50lbs and is now down to 38lbs after a kind woman fostered him where he was walked and played with the other dogs. Charlie loves kids, other dogs and cats. He is a quiet energy but a beagle all the way when he gets outdoors. Charlie would like a home with a fenced yard to roam around in and sniff everything there is to sniff. He would like to be with someone who will tkae him for walks and show him what a dog's life should be. He is a GREAT pup and would be a fit for a first-time dog owner. 


These girls are the sweetest! Nearly 6 months, 22lbs and ready to cuddle, Hope and Spirit are lanky girls who would love forever homes with kids, dogs or cats. Spirit is playful and enjoys stretching her body out on the ground like a frog and then crawling! Hope wants to hang with her person and loves sharing a recliner with her foster Grandma. These two are precious, submissive and loving. 



Elroy the joy! This skinny boy is a lab/hound mix who was likely a bird dog when he lived down south. He is jovial and playful but calm and sweet inside the house. Elroy loves other dogs and is submissive and loves to be chased. He is great with kids and is working on basic commands like, "sit" which he prefers to "dance" on his hind legs instead.  Elroy is a quick learner and will benefit from a training class setting. He will be an ideal agility and frisbee dog! Elroy would like a home with an active family who will take him hiking and he walks well on the leash. 

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  Roxy is a sweet girl who only wants to be a companion dog. She is friendly with both dogs and people and is gentle with kids. She will be an ideal senior dog for anyone who wants a walking buddy or just a couch potato to watch movies with . Roxy can be nervous with new dogs but does well with proper introduction and intolerant of puppies or high-energy dogs .  Roxy has so much love to give and she deserves a home where she will be catered to!


Bingo is a large, handsome and gentle soul. He is around 80lbs, one year old and the brother to Delilah. He is crate-trained, great off-leash with his canine foster sister and loves kids who are gentle. Bingo will continue to open up and become an ideal companion dog.  He is great with kids over 5 and unsure of little ones who get into his face. Bingo would love another dog to pal around with and explore with. He is loyal to his person and loves riding in the car!  He is an old soul. 


Delilahis a precious girl who spent her first 10 months living outdoors in Louisiana with her brother Bingo. She is a big girl at nearly 70lbs and a quiet soul at first. Delilah has become one of the pack at her foster home! She loves sleeping in bed, going on leashed walks and playing ball at the park. Delilah loves kids and will be a sweet and loving dog to a great family.  Delilah would like a home with another dog as she is a true follower and feels more confident with a buddy, needsShe is house-broken and crate-trained. 

Skip is a very handsome six month old lab/pointer mix with a speckled chest and long. nubby tail. He is calm, quiet and loves a good nap. Skip is great with other dogs, submissive and loves to play. He loves to sit in your lap and will let you know when he needs a good scratch. Skip will be an ideal family dog and a loving companion. He is currently 35lbs and wil be a big guy around 70lbs full grown. 


Hallie is the tiniest peanut LBDR has ever seen! At 7.3lbs and 4 months, she appears to be a Doxie/Chi mix and is a little ball of fire. Hallie loves to the play with other dogs but equally likes to snuggle up to her human and be held like a baby. Hallie is doing great with crate-training and loves kids.  She would like a home with children over 5 years old in the Fairfield CT area.