Monkey us a tiny pipsqueak of a pup! She is 8 months old and only about 12lbs. She earned her name by having the expressive mouth that is often seen on small monkeys. Monkey is a lovable little girl who stays with her person and enjoys lots of cuddling. She is great with kids and plays feth like a big dog. Monkey has hair rather than fur and does not shed. She will make her adoptive family very lucky!


Adoption Pending

Dezzie is a sweet and loving 3 year old 45lb female mix (maybe Rhodesian). Dezzie was adopted to a family locally but it has proven to be too chaotic for her to live with multiple dogs. Dezzie needs a home where she can relax and feel calm and loved. She is affectionate and likes to stick with her human.  She can be shy at first but warms up quickly.  Dezzie has lived with children, cats and bunnies and is fine with all of them. She would like a home with kids over 10 since she can be startled. Dezzie is an ideal companion dog who is medium energy and will do well on walks to build her confidence.  She is hoping to be spoiled with attention and love. 

Sammy (FKA Possum)


Bingo or "Gogo" is a handsome and gentle soul. He is around 80lbs, one year old and a lab mix. He is crate-trained, great off and on-leash and his nature is calm but he loves running around outside.  Bingo lived outdoors for the first year of his life and while shy at first, he loves a good snuggle, belly rub and just lying near his human.  Bingo is great with kids over 5 and loves playing fetch and running around the yard.  He is a natural explorer who enjoys daily walks in the woods and as with any one year old male, needs lots of exercise and sniffing outdoors. He  loves riding in the car and would do best with another dog to pal around with. 

Blue is a very handsome, big boy at 35lbs and six months old. He is one of the litter of 10 puppies born on Christmas day to Lucy, an LBD who was rescued from the streets of Mississippi. The DNA test includes a mix of staffie and the groups of herding, mountain, Asian, sporting and companion. He is predicted to top out around 65lbs.  Blue loves kids and to be held like a baby. He plays fetch and would love a big backyard to run around in. He is a calm boy for his age and would like a home where his human can give him the training and socialization that he deserves.  Sadly, Blue came back to the rescue with no leash-training and is working on that with our trainer currently. He is a great dog who loves other pups and would be a great second dog. 


Boomer is a cartoon character. He has so much personality and charm that he could run for office. Boomer is 2 years old, 48lbs and knows how to sit, wait and shake. He loves other dogs, is submissive and would be an ideal second dog. He loves kids and wants the ball thrown whenever possible. He is a medium energy dog and would be a great funning partner. I cannot say enough about his sweet demeanor and joy when he meets new dogs. This guy is a love bug in every way and enjoys kissing, full-body hugs and smiles when sleeping. 

Kirby and Scooter

Sammy was dumped when he was 10 months old. A kind lady took him in for the next three years where he lived in a pen outside with the other dogs this kind person helped. LBDR was asked to give this boy the chance that no one in the South would; to be in a loving home once again. This is the second time we have had a dog who went from a couch to a pen for THREE years. Sammy has arrived and couldn't be a sweeter boy. He has leanred the stairs, taken a ride to the park where he sprinted and sniffed and as you can see in the video, enjoys a nap on the couch. Sammy is a grateful dog who is 55lbs but on the shorter side, 4 years old and walks well on a leash. He deserves a dog's life!





These little balls of fur are 11 weeks old and are ADORABLE! Both male, Kirby is the larger of the brothers and Scooter is smaller and has longer hair. . Equally adorable!

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