Lucy is a one year old beauty. She is calm, loving and knows basic commands. Lucy is 50lbs and is lab in the front and boxer in the back! She hugs like a boxer and loves her people. Lucy is calm in the house and after a good walk or romp at the beach or park and LOVES to play with other dogs.  She is crate-trained and house-broken and learning to walk on a leash. Lucy will make any family lucky to welcome her into their home! 



Sunny is an adorable 5 month retriever mix. She is a "liver nose" which means that she has a pink nose and hazel eyes. Sunny is sassy and energetic at her young age and would like lots of puppy exercise! She is young and needs to continue socializing with other puppies and dogs. Sunny is 21lbs now and will likely be around 45lbs full grown.

Little Elton is 22lbs of cuteness. He is about 2 years old, quiet, reserved and polite. He doesn't bark much and is a mellow little guy. Elton seems like a Brussels or Norwich Terrier mix who  would likely enjoy a quieter home but loves kids. He enjoys playing with other dogs and running as fast as he can around the yard and exploring in the woods. He is super sweet but needs time to warm up. He gives kisses, rolls over to have his belly rubbed and sleeps next to his person in bed.

I suspect that he will be a great buddy!

Mercy, 3 years, lab mix.


Leroy is a little 40lb character! He is playful and loving and FANTASTIC with kids who love to love on their dogs (and dance with them). Leroy is just under one year old, house-broken, crate-trained and walks well on a leash. He is great with cats and plays with other dogs like a champ. Leroy will make a wonderful family dog!

Winter, 2 years, lab mix. 

Scotty is a sweet, affectionate little Scottish Terrier/Doxie mix. He loves calm kids and is good with cats. He enjoys sleeping on his person and would love to be a lap dog! Scotty is very playful with puppies and loves high-energy dogs and would love to have a buddy. Scotty is a true little gem!

Matty, 2 years, lab mix.


"Haven" means "safe" and that is exactly why we chose this name. Haven was literally in the line leading to the euthanasia room when LBDR agreed to save him and the volunteer raced back into the shelter to save him. Haven has spent the last month boarding at the vet where he made friends with everyone and learned how to sit, wait and lie down. Haven wants to be with his person and will patiently sit at my feet while I am working, waiting for some love. He loves to play hard with other dogs and would love to have a sibling to roll around with. Haven is a strong boy, weighs around 65lbs and is 3 years old. He has lots of energy outside the house but loves to cuddle on the couch and is crate-trained and house-broken. This guy wants a home with lots of love!


Roo, 3 years, lab mix.

Caleb, 3/4 years, lab mix.

Tyler is a big handsome boy at 65lbs! He seems to be a boxer/lab mix with long legs and the goofy personality of a lab. He likes to sit on his person's lap and can slither up onto the couch without anyone noticing. Tyler loves to play with other dogs and would make an ideal running partner. He would like an active home where he can go to the beach and park to socialize and run out his one-year old energy. Tyler likes to hug but isn't a jumper and is crate-trained and house-broken.


Adoption Pending


Coming Soon!



Adoption Pending

Briggs is a gorgeous 2 year old lab boy who is submissive, sweet and loving. Briggs loves other dogs and would like to second dog with a sibling to follow. He has come so far from being unsure with new adults and lets everyone greet him and give him a scratch. He LOVED going to the pet store and sniffing everything and trying samples while bouncing through the aisles to keep up with the action.  Briggs is calm and enjoys good nap on the couch, playing fetch in the yard and going to the park and beach. He is about 65lbs and walks well on a leash. He is housebroken,crate-trained and loves kids. He is great in an active or a quiet house. Briggs will make a family very lucky!