Adoption Pending



Adoption Pending

Doug The Pug (mix) is a three year old ball of fun. Doug had a rough start as a bait dog used in the fighting ring. Thankfully, he was rescued but only to grow up living behind closed doors. Doug holds no resentment and his past has only made him crave human interaction and affection even more. He gives "full body hugs"  and likes to have part of his little 26lb body touching his human when he sleeps. He is a champion napper and loves to play with other dogs. Doug is being fostered in a home with 4 kids, 2 other dogs and lots of action. He is 3 years old, house-broke and crate-trained and would love a social family who wants to take him on adventures!  This little guy will make a great family pup and looks forward to living the life he deserves.


Charleigh was likely hit by a car and left for dead. A kind woman spotted Charleigh dragging herself through her yard and scooped her up. A foster was found nearby in Louisiana and she cared for Charleigh until her arrival in CT. Charleigh has seen the neurologist, chiropractor and has a custom cart on order. Charliegh has been working with a chiropractor who has made it possible for 110 dogs to regain their ability to walk and we have seen progress! She has resistance in her legs and is even putting her foot down in an attempt to stand! For now, Charleigh is happily riding around town on her wheels and is on a potty schedule. She is so playful that she will need an active owner and would be great with another dog. Her legs are constantly moving more and more each day and we are hopeful that she will walk again. Charleigh is one year old and only 21lbs of fluff, loves other dogs and kids and fie with cats. She wins everyone over!


Sweet Gracie is looking for her forever home. At only one year and 38lbs, Gracie is an affectionate, petite girl who loves everyone and all other dogs.  She is submissive and docile and would make a great second dog. Gracie was not treated with respect for her space by a toddler in her former home. While she has no issues with children who understand appropriate behavior around a dog, she would like to go to a home with kids over 4. Gracie is an active girl but is a champion napper. She adores the couch and is crate-trained and house-broken.  

Luluis a 3 year old terrier mix, well-trained and dog-friendly but people-centered. She LOVES men. She prefers kids over 10 and will be a great companion dog. Lulu  loves to play ball and has energy to run around and go for walks. She was living in fear at her past home and is more confident every day. She will take patience and time to trust and would prefer a quiet home.