Violet and her Puppies!



Adoption Pending


Heidi is a tiny (13lb) four month old peanut of a pup. She was found by a nice lady who got her healthy and ready to find her forever home with LBDR. Heidi is shy at first and will take time to warm up. She loves other dogs and is food motivated. Heidi will likely be around 25lbs full-grown and  wold be fine with cats. She sleeps in her dog bed but enjoys a cuddle in the human bed as well!

Sunny is an adorable 5 month Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever  She is a "liver nose" which means that she has a pink nose and hazel eyes. Sunny is sassy and energetic at her young age and would like lots of puppy exercise (she is, by nature, a bird dog)! Sunny is crate-trained, learning to walk on a leash, loves playing with other dogs and had her first swim at the beach and loved it!She is very vocal and "speaks" to other pups n her own language.  Sunny is 21lbs now and will likely be around 45lbs full grown. She is still a puppy and needs someone who is home during the day to continue crate-training and learning to walk on a leash. 

Leroy is a little 40lb character! He is playful and loving and FANTASTIC with kids who love to love on their dogs (and dance with them). Leroy is just under one year old, house-broken, crate-trained and walks well on a leash. He is great with cats and plays with other dogs like a champ. Leroy will make a wonderful family dog!

Winter, 2 years, lab mix. 

Matty, 2 years, lab mix.

Oscar is a gorgeous 4 year old Black Mouth Cur mix who is looking for an active, loving family who appreciates a gentle and docile dog like Oscar. He loves children and other dogs as well as hiking and napping on the couch. Oscar is a fabulous boy who will make any family luck y to have him. He is about 70lbs and walks well on a leash. 



Adoption Pending




Caleb, 3/4 years, lab mix.

Ringo is a senior dog with pep in his step and a love of cuddling.  He is deaf, has no teeth and has a slight heart murmur but none of these conditions affect his lively hood and certainly don't slow him down! Ringo lived in an NYC shelter for the first 8 years of his life before he was rescued by a very kind local. He has been in their home for 2 years but as he gets older, he is in need of a quieter atmosphere with a lap to sit on. He needs to go out every 2 hours and loves to walk on the leash. He is great with other dogs and would love siblings. Ringo loves women and is only 9lbs so he is the perfect little size. He is 10 years old and believed to be a chi/doxie mix. 

Violet is a petite little lady who surprised us  by being pregnant! Her puppies are approaching 3 weeks of age and will come to CT around the 25th of April. 


Coming Soon!



Mercy is a beautiful three year old, 45lb lab mix. She is calm, loving and wants to be with her person. She knows how to sit, shake and a stay.  Mercy had no chance of making it out of the TN shelter she was stuck in and the volunteers couldn't speak more highly of her. She will be a great companion or family dog! 

Laura is a very special girl. She was attacked by a large breed dog in November and walks with a limp as a result. This doesn't really slow her down or interfere with her playing with other pups, however, and she is great at jumping on the bed and climbing the stairs. Laura is around 2 years old and needs to gain about 10lbs to fill out and will likely be around 30lbs full grown. She is the SWEETEST girl who wraps herself around you when you sleep, lies next to me when I am working and places her paw on my arm. She is an ideal dog for anyone who is looking for a companion who doesn't require a large amount of activity. Laura walks well on a leash, loves other dogs and is a quiet little girl who deserves the best! 

Katie is a precious four year old terrier mix who was adopted as a puppy. Her owner has become too sick to care for her so we are helping to find her forever home. Katie is a quiet, calm girl who loves playing with other dogs, walks beautifully on a leash and loves to eat! She would be an ideal companion dog for someone looking to cuddle a furry friend. She is good with kids and has a very calm energy.  Katie has blossomed at my house and will need a little time to settle in her new home once adopted. She was with her person for 4 years so she is adjusting. I have no doubt that she will be someone's best friend!

There is no sweeter boy than Roo. He is about 3 years old, 60lbs and knows how to sit and shake. He is calm and loving and walks well on a leash. It doesn't get any better than Roo!

Briggs is a gorgeous 2 year old lab boy who is submissive, sweet and loving. Briggs loves other dogs and would like to second dog with a sibling to follow. He has come so far from being unsure with new adults and lets everyone greet him and give him a scratch. He LOVED going to the pet store and sniffing everything and trying samples while bouncing through the aisles to keep up with the action.  Briggs is calm and enjoys good nap on the couch, playing fetch in the yard and going to the park and beach. He is about 65lbs and walks well on a leash. He is housebroken,crate-trained and loves kids. He is great in an active or a quiet house. Briggs will make a family very lucky!